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Vegan Foodies Indian Cuisine Cookbook - Immediate E-book Download.

Vegan Foodies Indian Cuisine Cookbook - Immediate E-book Download.

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Welcome all Foodies!

India is a country rich in historical and cultural traditions and none of these traditions are any more enticing than its unique and scrumptious food. It is known as the spice center of the world and that is reflected in the inspiring flavors of its novel cuisine. When it comes to a vegan menu, Indians have a long list of recipes covering each style and genre. This is mainly because much of its population enjoys vegan food and takes pride in creating many unique recipes using a distinctive combinations of grains, pulses, vegetables and spices.The purpose of this book is to allow you to experience the delicious world of Indian vegan cuisine and the “dos and don’ts” of its preparation. This cookbook offers the secret spice blends used in Indian vegan recipes. In a nutshell, this cookbook is your door to a variety of South Asian food and will guide you each step of the way to allow you to create sumptuous dishes, right in your own kitchen.

In this book you will find:
Gluten-free Breads and Pastries
Raw Vegan Recipes
Delicious Meatless Barbecue
Raw Pickled Probiotic Specialties
Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Cuisine recipes from North, South, East and West India
Bon Appetit, Maria

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