What Our Customers Say

My doctor was amazed when I showed up at his office 3 days after my surgery and my incisions were already healed! He wanted to know what I did. I told him I was using Miracle Serum from Essona Organics. - Sus S, Tonawanda, NY

I had terrible, stubborn acne and red blotches on my face. I've tried every acne product on the market and was always disappointed with the results. Two days after I started my customized Essona Skin Care Regimen, I was surprised and delighted to find my acne and red spots had already started clearing up. The longer I use the products, the better my skin gets. You have a customer for life! - Nicole, Niagara Falls, NY

I am 79 years old and have been using Essona products for a few months. My skin color has evened and my wrinkles are disappearing. Natural is better! - Sally, Buffalo, NY

Before using Immune Pro I used to have terrible frequent breakouts of cold sores on my lips. I have been taking Immune Pro RX for about 6 months and have not had 1 breakout. Thanks! - Anne, Orchard Park, NY

Upon trying the Essona Organics products, I noticed a significant increase in the moisture and suppleness of my skin within a few days. My facial lines (particularly the ‘marionette’ lines) are significantly less pronounced, as are the frown lines on my forehead. And to my delight, my skin has taken on a radiance that I have not seen in years. - From (Professional review)

I have been looking for a good skin care regimen that is both effective and safe. Essona Organics may have very well won me over. After using the samples for about 3 weeks, I was very happy with them and the results. - The Little Green Playpen (Professional Review)

What Our Customer Say

Clean and good for you

Just finished my pack, about to order another one. I mean you can't go wrong with the ingredients. There are nothing in here that's bad for you. I just add this to my smoothies every morning.

Jay from Summit, NJ.  1/21/2018

I LOVE this product

I LOVE this product. I put it in all my juices and smoothies. I have already recommend this product to my friends

Lydia from New York. 12/28/2017

reordered again because

i reordered again because this isn't polluted with extra sugars or fruits, just good olde greens

William from Oregon. on 10/11/2017


I LOVE this product! It is very healthy and I use this in my protein shake! I feel so much better use 1 tsp. Daily!

Laurie from Niagara Falls, NY. 4/13/2018

Five Stars

Excellent for my smoothie concoctions. Doesn't taste green. Great product!!!

Val from Tampa FL. on 4/3/2018

Great Taste!

It is amazing! I was a little concerned that I wouldnt like the taste of it, but I genuinely love it! On days when I don't have time to use my juicer, I love filling my blender bottle with a couple scoops of this.

Kaitlin from Las Vegas, NV. on 3/15/2020

Five Stars

Provides me with amazing energy!!!!!!!!!! Wow! I feel so healthy when I add it to my morning shake.

Maria from Charlotte, NC. on 12/11/2017

Get it!

Wow, great tasting and chock full of the good stuff. My body is flying on this food. I normally just take moringa with my smoothies, but this just leveled up my smoothie making. Thank you for this product. Just amazing stuff here :)

Bridgette from LA. on 11/16/2017

Alkalize your body

Best greens I've tried, after about 2 months of taking habitually everyday started feeling really allot better no need for caffeine and in less pain, had a true alkalizing effect.

Brian from Houston . on 8/12/2017

Awesome Awesome Awesome!

This product I have been using for years and my fiancée and I take two scoops of it everyday! It raises the functionality of my cells and activates our bodies on the daily!

Starr from DMV. on 5/20/2020

Loyal Customer

Really happy with this product. Wonderful profile of nutrients PLUS it actually tastes delicious!

Shari G. from San Diego. on 3/14/2020

Greens Booster

I've been using Power Shot Greens for many years and I love it! I add it to my protein fruit shake in the morning. I like the fact that you only need 1 tsp, giving you 60 servings per container. Makes it quite a reasonable way to get a daily greens booster!

Joe M. from COLORADO SPRINGS. 9/3/2021