Our Ingredients - the Gift of Nature.

Our LORD has given us the gift of all the nature that surrounds us. From the highest fertile mountains to the deepest oceans, from the rain forests to the deserts, rich, exotic, botanical ingredients have been collected and skillfully crafted into the purest skin care and nutrition products available today. We will help you achieve a beautiful, healthy glow that will radiate from the inside out.

We use a fresh, high-quality “gourmet” approach.

All active ingredients are standardized, clinically-tested, fresh and effective.

We incorporate all the finest elements of nature chosen from all over the world and bring them to you.

We do not test on animals or use ingredients from companies that do.

Vegan, Gluten-free, wildcrafted, fair-trade, from natural sources.

Free of caustic preservatives, synthetic additives, petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, irridation, artificial colors or perfumes, hormones GMO's or other harmful chemicals.

Ingredient Library

One of the highest ORAC value fruits in the world. It is widely used in de-aging and to support healthy and normal cellular tissue growth

Almond Oil (organic)
Prunus dulcis
This popular light, sweet-smelling oil is an emollient that softens the skin and reduces moisture loss. It contains vitamins A and E, important in skincare, as well as high levels of unsaturated essential fatty acids.

Aloe Vera (organic)
Used to detoxify the body and cleanse the colon, and help the digestive tract to work smoothly.

Apricot Kernel Oil (organic)
Prunus armeniaca
Used in our moisturisers, this fragrant oil is rich in vitamins A and E and essential fatty acids. It is a readily absorbed emollient that improves the texture and health of skin, especially if sensitive, dry or mature.

Supports the maintenance of healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels and aids with proper digestion.

Avocado Oil (organic)
Persea gratissima
Extracted from dried fruit, avocado oil has a heavy texture and is vitamin-, mineral- and fatty-acid rich, so we use it in products for dry and mature skin. It absorbs easily and thus it is a useful base to draw other ingredients into the skin.

Blue Green Algae (organic)
Used to increase energy, stamina, and to enhance memory and clarity

Borage Oil (organic)
Borago officinalis
Obtained from seeds, borage oil is one of the richest sources of gamma linolenic acid, which is important in skincare. The oil keeps skin supple and nourished, especially where skin is dry or ageing. It is also a soothing anti-inflammatory.

Ricinus communis
Castor oil is a thick, viscous oil extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant. Although the seeds are poisonous due to their ricin content, the extracted oil is ricin-free and therefore not toxic.

Cocoa Butter (organic and fair trade) v Theobroma cacao
High in saturated fatty acids, cocoa butter is solid at room temperature but melts at body temperature, absorbing easily into the skin. It is traditionally used to smooth wrinkles and stretch marks, and it also helps to thicken products.

Coconut Oil
Cocos nucifera
Coconut oil is a highly saturated fat that is commonly used in cosmetics as a nourishing, thickening base that gives skin a satiny finish. We use it in our cleansers, soaps, shampoos and conditioners for its cleansing, moisturising action.

Traditionally used to build the immune system, for cardiovascular health, free radical protection and skin detoxifier.

<style="font-family:>Evening Primrose Oil (organic)
Oenothera biennis
Evening primrose oil is found in the plantís seeds. It is rich in gamma-linolenic acid, which is used by the body to repair and improve the quality of skin tissue. It is moisturising, helping to ease dry and irritated skin.

Rich source of antioxidant carotenoids, plus 21 trace minerals and 19 amino acids as well as complex B-vitamins

<style="font-family:>Grapeseed Oil
Vitis vinifera
Light and odourless, this oil is extracted from grape seeds and makes a neutral base for lotions and body oil blends. Despite being antioxidant- and vitamin-rich, it is mild enough to be used in products suitable for sensitive skin.

Corylus avellana
Hazelnut oil is a light base oil. It penetrates the skin quickly, stimulating circulation and gently astringing, which can improve the texture and tone of the skin. It gives products a fresh, nutty aroma.

Simmondsia chinensis
Jojoba oil is a liquid wax from the seeds of desert-dwelling jojoba shrubs. Sweetly smelling, it is thick and protective, and therefore used for dry, mature, hardened or sunburnt skin. It is easily absorbed and does not clog pores.

Contains xanthones that are very potent antioxidants and exhibits powerful anti-inflammatory

Maqui (organic)
Supports the CV system by encouraging blood flow, and may provide benefits for the immune system, as well as supporting bone and joint health.

Known as the “Queen of Health Plants”. Contains immunomodulatory polysaccharide substances to support the immune system.

Olea europaea
Obtained from the flesh of the fruit, olives yield a heavy, greenish oil with emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil is beneficial for dry skin and wrinkles, especially when combined with other base oils. It is moisturising and soothing.

Traditionally used to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and support prostrate health

Powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredient that can increase energy levels, lower blood sugar and extend life.

<style="font-family:>Rosehip Oil (organic)
Rosa canina
Rosehip seed oil, extracted from the seeds within the rosehip, is a vitamin- and antioxidant-rich oil that reduces scar tissue, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. The regenerating properties of the oil improve the condition of skin and reduce effects of premature ageing.

Sesamum indicum
A stable oil from the small seeds of the tropical sesame plant, it has antioxidant and skin-soothing properties. It is in Lavender Sun Screen and Sun Protection Lip Balm due to its UV-absorbing capacity. It makes a rich massage oil.

Shea Nut Butter (organic)
Butyrospermum parkii
Obtained from the nut of the African karite tree, shea butter is high in fatty acids and vitamins A and E. Although it has a thick texture, it melts at body temperature, enabling it to absorb easily into the skin.

Sunflower Oil (organic)
Helianthus annuus
The oil, derived from the seeds, is high in vitamin E, an antioxidant vitamin that revitalises the skin and accelerates tissue repair. It is virtually odourless, easy to apply and it blends well with other oil-based ingredients.

Triticum vulgare
Extracted from wheatgerm, the oil is very rich due to its high essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It is restorative to dry or damaged skin, and it benefits tired muscles, so is useful blended with lighter oils for massage

Powerful antioxidant that can cross the blood-brain barrier and safely provide direct protection for the brain and nervous system.

SPIRULINA contains a staggering array of essential nutrients with over 60% complete protein and high concentrations of many other important vitamins and minerals.Studies suggest that Spirulina can help stimulate the immune system, increasing production of antibodies, and promoting a healthy response to allergens. It may also help reverse age-related declines in memory and learning, help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and promote the formation and development of red blood cells. Spirulina has also been shown to promote the growth of probiotics, which can help maintain intestinal health.*

CHLORELLA contains an amazing amount of vitamins, macrominerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, complete proteins, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, and a vast spectrum of phytochemicals.

WHEATGRASS Contains high levels of chlorophyll, beneficial in maintaining healthy blood counts and assisting in the formation of slightly alkaline ph levels in the body. Several small studies suggest that Wheatgrass may aid normal blood flow and support the body’s immune system. Wheatgrass may also help with detoxifying the body.

ALFALFA contains over 300 nutrients and phytonutrients including a natural plant source of vitamin D. Alfalfa's alkalizing properties can promote detoxification in the body. Alfalfa provides certain enzymes that are helpful for efficiently digesting food, and has been used for thousands of years in China to cleanse the digestive system and assist with digestive problems. Alfalfa leaf saponins can also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and Alfalfa has helpful antioxidant and healthy inflammation-response properties.

BARLEY GRASS a rich source of alkalizing chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like saponin. Numerous studies have also shown that Barley may be helpful in maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Barley also contains plenty of dietary fiber, which may promote healthy bowel function. 

OAT GRASS is an excellent source of beta carotene, vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, iron, protein, fiber as well as vitamin C and B vitamins. It has been said that a diet high in chlorophyll-rich green vegetables may promote overall health – and the chlorophyll in Oat Grass is clearly evident by its vivid green hue.

ASTRAGALUS contains antioxidant bioflavonoids, polysaccharides, triterpenoid saponins, glycosides, amino acids, and trace minerals. Astragalus is used to support and enhance the immune system, and to provide support for the upper respiratory system and the digestive system. It may help maintain normal blood pressure levels and help blood vessels remain relaxed, as well as support liver function. It is also used to encourage strength and stamina.

NONI health benefits of Noni include support of cardiovascular health, relaxed muscles, relief from memory problems and conditions like gout and diabetes. The immense antioxidant potential of Noni juice exerts antipsychotic, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects which are valuable in treating conditions like arthritis and disorders related to central nervous system.

KALE is a very good source of Vitamin K, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, calcium, potassium, copper and manganese. This nutritious leafy green also contains dietary fiber, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. As is common in cruciferous vegetables, Kale has numerous compounds contained in its curly leaves that may be beneficial to one's health. One such compound is indole-3-carbinol, which may support colon health, and also sulforaphane, which has been shown to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. Kale also has the 3,3'-Diindolylmethane compound, which research shows may support the health of the pancreas. Studies have also shown that Kale may also be beneficial to the cardiovascular system as well as the bladder.

MORINGA is best known as an excellent source of nutrition and natural energy booster. This energy boost is not based on sugar, and so it is sustained. Moringa is also soothing. It helps lower blood pressure and is a sleep aid. Its detoxifying effect may come from Moringa's ability to purify water. Moringa acts as a coagulant attaching itself to harmful material and bacteria.

GOTU KOLA has many vital nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin K, magnesium, and calcium. In addition, Gotu Kola contains various alkaloids, sterols, and tannins, and it may have antioxidant properties. The plant is also a source of various glycosides such as asiaticoside which can promote healthy skin. It can help stimulate skin repair and strengthen skin, hair, nails, and connective tissues. Gotu Kola also strengthens and tones blood vessels and encourages blood circulation, especially in the legs. Gotu Kola is traditionally used in Ayurveda for revitalizing the nerves and brain. According to research, Gotu Kola does indeed seem to have a positive effect on brain function and the nervous system, and may enhance mental functions such as memory and concentration. Gotu Kola could also be helpful for maintaining flexibility and supporting heart health and periodontal health.

BITTER MELON has been shown to enhance cells' uptake of glucose. Bitter Melon may even improve cell function and act as an immunomodulator. Also, Bitter Melon can help maintain smooth skin and promote normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

LEMON a very good source of Vitamin C! This important vitamin has been shown to help support the immune system, as well as possibly enhancing iron absorption. Vitamin C intake may also promote cardiovascular and respiratory health in some individuals. Research also shows that Vitamin C may be a vital component in promoting bone health. These yellow and tangy fruits are also a good source of Potassium and Folate, and according to research, may possess some anti-microbial properties. Evidence also shows that consumption of foods rich in Vitamin C like the Lemon may be beneficial to overall health.

MONK FRUIT (natural sweetener) supports the immune system, digestive tract, glands and respiratory system – which is why it is used in China for medicinal purposes. From allergy to cancer, this fruit holds the promise that it can help eliminate and defend against many health-related problems.